Winterization and Dewinterization


Its all about protecting your boat from freeze damage and corrosion from sitting all winter. Freezing temperatures and damp environments will damage engine and electrical compinents so it is important to winterize before the first freezing temperatures of winter


Treating the fuel
Draining the raw water system
Fogging the engine to prevent internal corrosion
Anti corrosion application for engine and electrical components
Consultation regarding heating, dessectants, covers, or anything else you have questions about


Potable water systems
Heaters, sinks, showers



What we all have been waiting for all winter! Re commissioning your boat in the spring is a vital first step to a season of trouble free boating.


Reinstalling plugs, hoses, heaters, etc. that were taken off or disconnected in the fall.
Checking batteries and electrical system.
Running the engine to ensure proper operation.
Checking fluids for level, condition, and leaks.
General Inspection of dash switch operation, water system, more.
Consultation about moorage, towing, vessel or systems operation, or anything else you have questions about.


Engine, drive, transmission, vdrive, and lower unit oil changes
Tune Up


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