Tune Up and Fuel

Tune Up and Fuel

If you engines are running roughly, it may be time for a tune up. Most manufacturers recommend this yearly or every 100 hours.


Replacing spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor (if equipped)
Replacing fuel filter(s)
Cleaning or servicing the spark arrestor
Adjusting carburetor (if equipped)
Adjusting ignition timing (if adjustable)
Computer scan of the control unit (if applicable)

Checking if a tune up is needed is generally included in the dewinterization or diagnosis process. All engines need a certain level of maintenance, it makes sense to have the service done at a convenient time, not when you break down. We are happy to help create a maintenance schedule with you if you need help with that.

The number one culprit of fuel problems is clogged filters. Fuel filters should be changed at 50 or 100 hour intervals depending on the manufacturer.

Other common services include adding additional filters, replacing fuel lines due to ethanol damage, and replacing fuel level sending units.


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