Inspections and Consultations

Prepurchase Inspection

We go from stem to stern flipping switches, operating everything we can, checking fluids, sending out oil samples, hammering on the stringers, documenting all problems and/or upgrades, etc, etc, etc, that you need to be aware of. Different service levels are offered depending on the vessel, its age, and your preferences. Contact us to discuss further.

Safety and Environmental Inspection

Maybe you are new to boating and are not sure what you legally need to carry to satisfy the coast guard. Or perhaps you need help with using fire extinguishers or flares. Curious what to do with all that oil and water in your bilge, or if most boats bilges look like that?! Where and how do you even pump out around here?

Stay tuned for additional programs in this area as we are excited to start working with the Coast Guard and Washington Sea Grant to provide more (possibly free) services to improve the safety and environment of the waterways and its users.

Yearly inspection and Consulting

Can be purchased as a stand alone service or combined with other items. The more you know the better.

We can help you with easy solutions and answers to your questions. Inspect, advise, problem solved! Ranging from which repairs are urgent to which are not and planning for future upgrades will help you have a realistic view of your needs.


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