Electrical and Diagnostics


We are happy to help with upgrades to GPS, navigation, radar, stereos, lighting, upgrading batteries, and more. Better than factory quality installs for a lifetime of proper operation. We use only marine approved and listed components for wiring, connectors, bus bars, etc.

Repairing existing components or installing new is a common question. While bilge pumps have changed little in the past 20 years, most new electronics are far superior and cost little more than repairing old units. Many many times the actual problem with electrical components like gauges and screens is the wiring, not the component itself. We will diagnose the problem and then evaluate solutions.

Upgrading GPS and electronics at the helm makes a noticeable difference every time you are on board. Technology has come a long way recently- glass screens and much more advanced systems monitoring are becoming the norm.

Interior and exterior lighting is one of the most cost effective ways of upgrading your yacht. LED bulbs, new fixtures, and adding lighting all make noticeable improvements.

Computer diagnostics can help solve your problems in an efficient and organized manner. We can read data from the engine control unit while the boat is underway to get a real time look at parameters such as fuel flow, sensor voltages, ignition timing and more. This means no more guessing or throwing parts at problems. Engine hours can also be read if you do not have an hour meter or suspect tampering.


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